Smart Carriers Complaints Procedure

We always endeavor to provide the best service and products for our customers. However, on rare occasions, we recognise that there may be times where our customers may not be completely satisfied.

To ensure we are able to put things right as soon as we can, please read our complaints procedure below and we will respond promptly to ensure complete satisfaction. As soon as possible after the completion of the works, please inspect the work to ensure everything has been carried out to our usual high standards.

In the unlikely event there is anything you are not completely satisfied with, please contact us as soon as you can in order that we can rectify any problems as soon as possible. Either call us on 01923 802241 or write to us at Smart Carriers, Company Number: 6871966, VAT Number: 159000924, Unit 14, The Hub, Elstree Aerodrome, Hogg Lane, Herts, WD6 3AW , or you can email us at and we aim to respond within 3 days of receiving your complaint and where possible, will provide you with a date to remedy any issues raised.

We take every complaint we receive very seriously and work with our customers to deal with them quickly and in a satisfactory way.

  • All complaints must be logged immediately and tracked using the relevant complaints log.
  • If the complaint is initially notified to the removal crew, it must be noted on the job sheet.  The foreman and customer must both sign the sheet and the foreman must then report the complaint to the office without delay.
  • All complaints must be acknowledged within 3 working days of receipt. Telephone complaints will also receive a written response confirming details of the conversation – request that the customer complains in writing.
  • The complaints log must be kept up to date with progress notes and all correspondence must be stored manually or electronically in the customer file.
  • David Smart will monitor the complaint log to ensure that all complaints have been responded to within the specified time and resolved without delay.
  • A formal written outcome of the investigation should be issued to the customer within 15 days of receiving the complaint.
  • If the customer remains dissatisfied, we must advise the customer to write to us again to explain the reasons why they feel the complaint remains unresolved.
  • We are to provide the customer with a written statement expressing our Final Viewpoint, following a second review of the complaint and refer the customer to The Furniture Ombudsman (FHiO) within 8 weeks of receiving the complaint.
  • If the matter has not been resolved within 8 weeks or we have not responded the customer is able to take their complaint to The Furniture Ombudsman (FHiO) here.
  • We shall then co-operate with customer(s), their advisors and the FHiO in the resolution of complaints and/or the handling of liability/insurance claims.

Where we cannot resolve any complaints using our own complaints procedure, as a 'Which? Trusted Trader' we use a Dispute Resolution Ombudsman for dispute resolution. In the unlikely event of a complaint arising and you wish to refer the complaint please contact them on 0117 456 6031 or via their website

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