House Removals in Watford

If you are looking for house removals in Watford, then look no further than Smart Carriers. We have a 20 year track record of quality removals offering a stress free service. You can read all about us and the great service we can offer you when moving home here. We offer a professional removal service, including packing your house for you, storage unit space and delivery. We know this can be a stressful time, so imagine if we took all the worry from you. Remember if you want to get a quality removal service in the Watford area or surrounding towns. What would it be like if you found a company that is highly recommended and affordable. 

If you are looking at moving home in the next few weeks and need either our full packing service or thinking of office removals. Then call the team on either 01923 802 241 or email.

Affordable House removals in Watford

Sooner or later we all have to move house. Our team will make this experience much easier for you, by offering a full packing service. How easy is it to pack your best crystal glasses? Let us take care of that for you too, as we specialise in house removals in Watford and the surrounding towns.

We know that the cost of moving home is also a consideration. As a small family business, we aim to offer a competitive, but reasonable cost to this experience. Suppose you let us into your home and we gave a quote that was just too good to refuse. The more of our services you use, the better the house removal will be for you. There is no such thing as a free move, but we will bear your personal circumstances and budget into our price for you.

If you find yourself in a position where you want to pack your house yourself. We offer our box service, where we can price your removal service based on collection and delivery only. Just remember to consider how much time it will take for you to pack it. When you could just get our team doing the hard work. If you are reading this from a neighbouring town, we don’t just do house removals in Watford, but will go further.

Where to start with your house removals in Watford

When our team come in to quote you for house removals in Watford, we can give you a breakdown or what is required. Even Martin Lewis talks about comparing costs, but also consider how you feel about the company when they quote you. You also need to look at a moving house checklist, which remember needs some of the following. 

  • Find the house of your dreams
  • Start a plan of what you want or need to take from your current home
  • Request quotes (at least 3) from reputable companies who do house removals in Watford
  • Review your quotes and compare it to doing it all your self.
  • If doing it yourself, check your licence to see if you have the correct category for the vehicle you want to hire or drive. Find enough reliable help to help move house. Remember there is no such thing as a free move. If they say they will help, make it worth their while or they will let you down.
  • Check you and the companies you use are fully insured for the move. This can get expensive if items are damaged.
  • Plan your move and how you will do it or get a removal company to make it stress-free.

Final advice for house removals in Watford

Suppose you do chose to do the move yourself and not use a reputable company with 20 years experience. Remember what it has been like when your parents moved in the past. Smart Carriers can make your move stress free and will price it competitively.

We can also provide a removal service in both St Albans and Hemel Hempstead with our van service. The things to remember is we are fully insured. We offer a packing services, full removal service and make moving home stress free.

Whether it is house removals in Watford or elsewhere, to move house is hard work. Are you fully prepared, physically fit enough and do you have enough help on standby. If you answered no to any of these questions, then for house removals in Watford call 01923 802 241 or email

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