Moving Home Checklist

moving house check list

If like me you have moved home, then you know how important a moving home checklist is. When I moved house recently I planned it meticulously, because it avoided all the stress. A lot of what I learned during this move, I will share with you, so you can avoid any pitfalls.

A good checklist will save you both time and money. More importantly, it will remove all the stress and make the house move run more smoothly. One thing that you should always do is start packing as early as you can. It’s not the packing that takes the time, it’s the arguments about what you should keep and what you should throw away. Four weeks before you move is the absolute minimum. So once you have a moving date, make a start as soon as you can.

One of the first things you need to do is find out the answers to important questions from the previous owner. No one knows the house like they do and believe me, they really can make your life a lot easier.

Part 1 of your Moving Home Checklist: 12 things everyone forgets to ask.

So Number 1 on your list, see if the sellers of the house will give you the following information.

  1. Meter readings: Where are the electricity and gas meters so that you can read quickly these when moving in? Also, where is the fuse box?
  2. Utilities companies and Energy Suppliers: Who are the existing energy suppliers, so that you can see what deals are available?
  3. Heating: Where is the thermostat located and who looks after the boiler each year?
  4. Water: Where is the stop-cock for the water? It goes without saying in an emergency you will need to know this, so find it early.
  5. Refuse: When are the bin collections each week?
  6. Neighbours: Get to know which ones can be trusted with things like a spare key or keeping an eye on the place while you are away. Do any of the neighbours still have a key?
  7. Guarantees: Do they have any warranties for windows, boiler, kitchen appliances, the conservatory etc.
  8. Tradesmen: Local tradesmen they have used and can recommend? Good examples might be window cleaner and painter and decorator. If they have lived at the house a long time, their knowledge of trusted local suppliers can save you a lot of pain in the years ahead.
  9. Security: If there is an alarm what are the security codes and who does the annual maintenance check?
  10. Contact Details: A forwarding address and contact number for the old owners. Having a new phone number can be extremely useful.
  11. Fittings: Where did the kitchen and bathroom tiles come from and are there any spares knocking around? Similarly with rolls of wallpaper and tins of paint. A spare roll or tin of paint can be a lifesaver. Some owners will often throw all these away thinking you want the place clean and tidy. A bit of “junk’ left behind can sometimes be a really good thing.
  12. Contact Details: Get the mobile numbers if you can from the sellers. Good communication on the day can make the move so much easier and one phone call can make all the difference. Working through the estate agents often comes with its own problems so deal directly and build a good relationship if you possibly can.

Part 2 of your Moving House Checklist: Choose a removal company.

The removal company that you choose will play an important role in the stress factor on the day. They can really make or break the move for you. Find and compare removal companies near you, but also look further afield. A lot of removal companies are willing to travel and are competitively priced. Remember if you are moving to or from a city like London, then a lot of removal companies may be willing to come in. Due to the large vehicles they use, it is unlikely they will be based in central London, so widen your search.

The sort of things you should look for in a good removal company are:

  • How long have they been operating? That is not to say new companies are bad but do some research, particularly look at their reviews.
  • Do they belong to a registered body, which makes sure they operate according to high standards? Members of the BAR are usually amongst the best.
  • Do they offer a FREE QUOTE? However, money should not be the only reason you choose the company you use.
  • What or how many vehicles do they use. Are they just a man with a van, as in that case they may not be able to insure your goods.

Completing your moving home checklist; Ensuring a stress free moving day.

Once you have chosen your removals firm sorted then you are ready to continue through your moving home checklist.

  1. Redirection Service: Remember to re-direct your post to your new home, even if you only get emails nowadays. This can be done quite cheaply and will ensure you don’t lose credit cards and such like.
  2. Register to vote at your new home or you will lose your vote.
  3. Follow our essential top 10 packing tips when moving home, so you can ensure things run smoothly.
  4. Look for tips to lower your costs in your new home, such as the best deals on gas and electricity.

I know this useful guide will help you in your house move, so if Smart Carriers can help any more then call us today. To help with your moving home checklist call us today on 01923 802 241 or 07775 075 827. We specialise in house and office removals in Watford, Harrow, Edgware, St Albans, Hillingdon and all surrounding towns and villages.